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JnR Hotel
Our motto is your contentment


Surprise Valley

Chamber of Commerce

since 2005

Member Surprise Valley Rotary.  Weds  Community Hall Bonner & Center

6:00 PM

4/3 on  7 pm

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As of September  26, 2014 the new owner and operator of the JnR Hotel is Gregory Thurton.  Stop in and meet him.  He has a lot of great ideas to improve your experience. I WISH HIM GREAT SUCCESS!

Jim & Ramona Brown have been your hosts since August 1, 2005 at high noon. We have been cleaning and updating the hotel ever since. We never have owned a hotel before but we have stayed in many of them - some chains & some independents so we know what to expect and what we prefer.  

Number 1 is a clean room with a comfortable bed. Size was not important because we never intended to live there - just sleep. We have stayed as long as a month though in one place, but just to sleep.  There has to be something to do besides stay in your room or you could stay at home and save the money for later.

Number 2 was coffee availability in the morning, preferably in a paper cup - so you know it is clean and ice in the evening for a nightcap when on the road. This hotel needed a lot of tender loving care when we took over and it has been getting it ever since.

Bought new key tags, re-keyed all the room locks and bought enough keys to provide guests with an exterior door key. Who wants to be locked out as we were when we first stayed here. Re-roofed, replaced deck carpet, stair carpet and carpet in three rooms. Replaced chipped sinks(3/23/2011) and drains (3/23/2011)so they all have pop ups, leaking faucet fixtures, bad fan lights, bad blinds, toilet seats and nightstand lamps. Contracted with Terminex  to keep away wasps, spiders, ants etc. Washed all the rooms—walls, ceiling and carpet. Replace all the beds - frames, mattresses and box springs. Replaced all the sheets, blankets and towels. Established written housekeeping procedures. Established computerized maintenance schedule. Bought and installed wagon bows and cover for wagon in front.  Bought new furniture for lobby,bought new chairs for the rooms, wireless DSL (WI-FI), color copy/fax machine, new coffee pots and microwave. Re-graveled rear driveway and parking lot. Re-carpeted 5 more rooms 9/2/2008.  Purchased urns for smokers and trash. Replaced noisy refrigerator. Replaced temperamental and unreliable heaters. Put new couches, chairs, table, pots & pans and kitchen floor in suite. Painted suite bedrooms and managers kitchen.  Put in compact fluorescent bug lights outside and in the halls and compact florescent lights in rooms as well as started a recycle program to continue going green.  Put Solar lights along walkway. Bought more outdoor chairs and tables. Replace cable TV with DirecTV for reliability and more channels (166) 12/2007. Exterior Painted 10/3-12/2008. The rest of the rooms and suite got carpeting 11/17/09. Put HD TV in suite. Bought 2 Ionator EXPs to clean and disinfect the rooms without chemicals. Bought 2 portable UV lights to disinfect things like the TV control that don’t like to be sprayed with wet stuff and yet still need to be cleaned and sterilized.

Bought a new sign.